Barbalé Flamenco Live - Gala with Adela Campallo

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Welcome to our first Barbalé Flamenco Live night of 2023!

This night is very special for us because we have on stage the presentation of the choreographic atelier that Adela Campallo has been working during the semester with the students of Flamenco Norge.

In our second part of the event we will have a luxury flamenco team:

Adela Campallo - dance

Juan Campallo - guitar

Jesus Corvacho - vocals

Doors open: 18:00

Concert starts 19:00

19:30 break

19:45 second part

About Adela Campallo:

She was born in Seville in a family of a great flamenco tradition. She debuts with only 9 years old performing for Lola Flores. 

She learn from the greatest teachers as José Galván, Manolo Marin, Antonio Canales, Andrés Marin, Javier Barin, Merche Esmeralda and her brother Rafael Campallo.  

Adela has been part of Manuela Carrasco’s company at the performance “La diosa”, touring at the most prestigious theaters and festivals.  And Antonio Canales company being the solo dancer at “Bailaor” performance and “Sangre de edipo”. 

She has traveled to different countries teaching and dancing Tokyo, USA, France, Italy, Norway, Germany, etc.

And has performed at the most important tablaos from Spain.


Flamenco Norge